The importance of content

Content matters, more than never

Content of value is the best way to attract a potential customer, allowing you to connect with it with the intention that at the end chooses you to buy your product and be loyal to you.

The brands currently have a powerful communication channel which is online, and it’s very different from the traditional in many aspects:

  • Communication is bidirectional (there is interaction between sender and receiver).

  • The amount and frequency of data is greater (to meet requirements of the positioning algorithms), forcing them to be more creative and not to repeat data.

  • The content must be balanced in terms of value and sales messages (rule 80/20) not to fall into spam.

To face an online channel (web, blog, social network) with the same strategies that were used for the traditional ones, is a serious mistake, since the public is predisposed in a different way:

  • It does not accept the irruptive and imperative advertising messages;

  • It is prosumer (consumer and producer of content) so you want to participate it in the conversation, commenting and sharing the content that you find interesting

Finally, several studies show us that:

  • A good content strategy costs 62% less than other tactics (Demand Metric);

  • Companies that write more than 15 times a month multiply traffic by 5 (Hubspot);

  • Interesting content is among the 3 reasons why users follow a brand (Content +);

  • According to the 53% of asked professionals, content generation is the most effective SEO tactic (Sherpa Marketing).

Understanding this context, we come to understand the importance of content of value in the online world, totally different from traditional advertising. It attracts and retains the consumer providing knowledge, entertainment and an excellent way of interacting with the company and their products. While it allows an organic viralization that drives its positioning on a large scale and at lower costs.